Monday, 15 February 2016

Abnormal Weekend

Sorry for being late, but I have a great explanation. This weekend was a long weekend (we had Friday off). The chaplaincy team was holding a couples' retreat and for those couples who have kids child care was provided. That is where I come in. Along with 6 other "grown up" crew members we entertained the kids and fully tired ourselves out. I managed to give myself a reputation for being able to drag kids across the carpeted floor on their sleeping bags. It wasn't so bad the first few times but then I was hurting. Sunday was a no walking day so I could recover. It was really fun to let loose and be a little crazy. The kids were really good but just like home the girls and the boys can tease each other and the little ones got tired and cranky. I forgot to mention that there were 20 kids between 5 and 11 years old. The theme of the retreat was the persecuted church. That is a scary topic but it was presented in a really approachable way. The kids got to colour a map while praying for kids around the world, had to do a hunt for the secret church location, and watched some videos of kids their age in refugee camps. Apart from those activities there was lots of silliness and so much creativity and imagination, movies, pizza making, and friendship. Sometimes I get self-conscious around kids because I am not the most fun and zany and injuries that are my fault always frighten me. Anyway, I am thrilled I got to participate.
I also got some Valentine's treats from two people off the ship. I am kind of obsessed with this straw...
These tic tacs have words on them! Like conversation hearts.
I also got a cookie making kits to make theses beauties:
 And then, because I was bored, I made these:

And then there was church and, poof, the weekend was over! 

For those enjoying Family Day I hope your weekend has been extra wonderful and I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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  1. Sounds like you conquered your fear and shared a lot of fun! That's great and boy, those cupcakes and cookies look delicious! We missed you on Family Day.