Thursday, 16 March 2017

Sunny Days

The title was meant to get you singing the Sesame Street theme song in your head. Read it again and sing! Although we keep getting more snow and the temperature is going down (instead of up) I have lots of things to be happy about. The sun still comes out and helps me to cope with the chilly weather. My mom came for a visit and I even got picked up and dropped off at school (that hasn't happened in years). She spoiled me tremendously with restaurant meals, and going to a movie. It was really nice to have her company. We went to see the Shack on Tuesday. We had both read the book and were eager to see it transformed into a movie. I was frustrated because I thought it was slow and that general audiences wouldn't be happy with it and it wouldn't do well. I'd say about 3/4 through the movie I realized that it was okay for the movie to be slow, maybe that is what people need right now; a change of pace.
This past month has been busy for different reasons. Looking for jobs takes so much time and it is tiring. I was talking to a recruiter today and I explained to her that I am really bad at selling myself. She said it takes practice. Another thing to learn! I want to be liked right away and for employers to see my potential (even when I can't). Then I take a step back a realize that it's not that simple and I am one of those people that takes a while to warm up to, so even if I did get an interview there is limited time to create a meaningful connection. Kind of sounds like dating! I guess that's what interviews really are when it comes down to it; finding the right person. I just wish I didn't have to worry about money and could try things out and help where I can, with no pressure. Doesn't that sound nice? There are just so many options that it becomes confusing. And then you hear about what other people are doing and even though you had no interest in it you being to think that you should try that too because you never know, you might like it or you were excited about something and then it doesn't seems so great when you hear about the things that other people are doing. Oh comparison, my old, joy-stealing friend. It's tough, but at I am grateful to have options and peers that challenge me to do more.
Apart from that, it is just regular school life. I did fall on the ice last week and landed on my elbow. My arm has been sore for a while but I knew that would happen. However, I have woken up every day since then with a headache. I just made the connection between the headaches and the falling, today. Perhaps it is time to go see a doctor. Maybe a chiropractor?
Last month was Winterlude so there were lots of impressive ice sculptures in Confederation Park. Here are a few:

Unfortunately the warm spell we had closed the canal for this season. I didn't have a chance to skate on it this year but I will know for next year that I can't put it off. That's all I have for now!