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After years of trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing, trying to find some sort of joy in what I do, and having many doors closed, this one stayed wide open. I have come to realize that I love to serve, in every way. After my experiences in Costa Rica (here is the link to that blog http://cookbaketravellive.blogspot.ca/) I knew even more strongly that the life I was made for was not what is considered to be "conventional". That is the struggle that I have finally been able to overcome; coming to terms with the fact that what I thought was my path (go to school, get a job, meet a someone, get married, have kids...happily ever after) is not the path for everyone. It was surprisingly hard to accept because I had been conditioned to believe that what I knew from my own family was right for me as well. The ship was an incredible experience but that chapter has come to a close and I have started a new one.

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  1. Hey Marina congratulations on finding your path!! I for one know something about searching for God's call. Ultimately I didn't settle into my career path till I was well into my 30's. A life of service is a life of joy. Don't let anyone tell you differently. We are very proud of you and you will be in our prayers as you move into this exciting new phase of your life.
    Uncle Doug