Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Studying and Snowfall

What does one do when studying just won't happen? Hmmm...
1. Scroll though Facebook - so much happiness and love and freedom - yuck
2. Watch TV - daytime TV is terrible; so much talking, no drama
3. Look at Facebook again because there must be something else on there besides happiness - nope
4. Talk to people - nope, everyone you know is at work, or studying
5. Eat! Oh the problems with this option
6. Practice Spanish on Duolingo
7. Write a blog post - but when that is done...
8. I guess the only option really is to study. Harumph!

Law school exams have descended upon us. Two down, three to go. I will say it hasn't been as excruciating as I was expecting! Such good news. I have only had two real moments of worry but I have been fortunate enough to kind of keep it together with the help of some lovely people. I also have a really wonderful mom that sent me flowers to keep me company while I study. I said I should bring them with me to write my exams; I think it would make lots of people smile.

Other exciting developments? It's winter. That means snow and below freezing temperatures. I know it is still early but I don't hate it. Maybe because I haven't had to live with it for the past few years. 

That's it kids! I know my life is no longer fabulously exciting. I can't be making waves all the time. I am just trying to stay in my lane for now. I have to keep reminding myself that this is part of God's plan and even though I don't get it now, it is serving a purpose.


  1. pretty flowers and solid thinking, keep up the good work!

  2. I guess our "small contributions" in life are just as important as the bigger ones we just left behind. God wants us to learn to embrace every moment given to us, because if we were somehow impaired and could barely just feed ourselves, that would be a great triumph. Keep up the great work. His future for you holds every possibility for you to love and care for others again, soon. Miss your beautiful smile ��.