Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Sun is Falling

Although I should have lots to report it doesn't seem like much has happened. CLI was okay. I struggled the whole week with feeling inadequate. The topics covered with incredibly difficult and I felt like I was back in law school and I wasn't able to contribute. The people I met were very nice and although I made a complete fool of myself the second day, they didn't give me the cold shoulder. This is what happened: on the second night the organized activity was board games. I was the first one there and people started to arrive and people were deciding while game they would like to play. One person wanted to play Apples to Apples, but I have never been fond of that game and so I "voted" for something else. Well, the conversation escalated to a point where someone joked that I should just leave because I didn't want to play and I was at a point where I wanted to leave so I did. I walked out and after I did it I felt so stupid and knew I made such a bad impression. Someone came and talked to me and said I should join them again. I really didn't want to because I was so embarrassed but I did and everyone except three people played Apples to Apples. *sigh* It was a long week and although I learned a lot but it scared me because I realized that I am not capable or equipped to defend or spread my faith. There is so much I don't know and I am a person that wants to know everything and if I can't then I just give up. I am not sure I will really be able to understand the Bible unless I go to school to study theology. Drop out of law school and take up theology?! Oh! I didn't fail first year! I got grades on Monday and everything is fine. I didn't do amazing but I got through it. I went to the eye doctor a few weeks ago and he told me I should get reading glasses since I would be doing so much of it going forward and I kept joking with him that what he was saying was that it was okay for me to drop out of law school for the sake of my eye health. He has known me forever so he just said that my dad probably wouldn't be okay with that.
On another note the sunsets at the cottage have been gorgeous!
Work has been going well but I make mistakes everyday. The other staff are nice and all the people I have served so far have been pretty great. Last week there was a big storm and it knocked out the power and the generator but the diners did not really understand the extent of the outage because the dining room has lots of windows so there was plenty of natural light coming in. The kitchen was pitch black though and they could not cook anything because of it. There was a couple that was celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary and they were so sweet! The kitchen was trying not to open the fridges or freezers to keep them as cold as possible but they made an exception so there could be dessert for that one table. 
That's all I've got.
Oh! Today is my Nonno's 80th birthday! I got Sunday off so I can go to his party!
That's really it.


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