Monday, 28 November 2016

Show You Care

It is so easy to convince myself that people don't care. I always lose sight of the moments that people reach out and show that they do care, even when I don't see it. In order, to remind myself of those times it makes sense to write them down. I have a great memory for certain details and then I can't remember a thing when it comes to bigger events. After I posted my last blog, a friend I had in my undergrad sent me a really encouraging message and also said that she really liked reading my blog. Wow! That was amazing to hear. It reminded me that even if I am not fully aware of it, people are there and they do care (unintentional rhyming bonus).
Life is confusing sometimes. It is full of moments that don't seem to make sense. I don't understand it at all and I don't think I ever will. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a part of the whole journey.
The strangest thing happened today. On my way home from school a woman approached me and asked me if I could spare a toonie or if I was going to Subway then she would like a sandwich. I said I didn't have a toonie and I wasn't going to Subway. Both of those things were true but I realized just because I hadn't planned to go to Subway didn't mean I couldn't go for her. So we went and she was very excited. She talked my ear off and told me all about how I should consider being an advocate for people with pets. While waiting in line I started to get frustrated. I was no longer giving with the right heart. After I paid I pretty much ran out of there. Then I was mad at myself for giving with bad intentions. I know it sounds stupid but that was my day. Well there was also the library and class but that is no fun to talk about.
One of my classmates invited a bunch of us over for dinner last night. It was so nice of them and his girlfriend sent us home with loot bags! How amazing is that?

Random information: "My Favourite Things" is the song that has been in my head for that last few weeks. From the Sound of Music? Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... Ha ha. It is in your head now.


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